Posted by: yogadiana | November 8, 2010

10 Reasons Not to Do Yoga

When I tell someone that I am a yoga instructor I often begin to hear
a plethora of excuses of why they want to try yoga but haven’t.  The
list includes not being flexible enough, to not having time, being
intimidated…it is a pretty long list.  Although I do feel the
benefits of yoga in one’s life is immense, it is important for me for
people to feel comfortable and start a practice whenever it is right
for them.  It is often times hard to refrain from encouraging people
to give yoga a try, that is why I found the article below to be
brilliant.  Top 10 reasons not to do yoga!  Just to name a few…you
prefer to look older, you embrace the junk in your trunk, chronic back
pain is not a big deal to you.  Check out the article and see if you
relate to any.  If you don’t maybe it’s about that time to step into a


  1. I love such info a whole lot.

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