Posted by: yogadiana | December 30, 2010

Can You Touch Your Toes?

When people find out I am a yoga instructor, whether or not they can touch their toes seems to be their focus.  So does it really matter?   Well, it does benefit you to have flexible/open hamstrings.  Lower back pain is often the result of tight hamstrings. If your hamstrings are tight, you stress your lower back every time you bend forward and straighten.  “Tight hamstrings pull down on the sitting bones, rotating the bottom of your pelvis forward. With your pelvis tucked under bending forward can easily stretch your lower back instead of your hamstrings—a perfect recipe for lower back strain (or even more serious injury).”   That is precisely why you should practice yoga. Poses such as Supta Padangusthasana is an easy way for even beginners to stretch their hamstrings while maintaining the integrity of their low back.   With all that said, it doesn’t matter if you touch your toes or not.  Being flexible is not only about the flexibility of our bodies but the flexibility of our minds.  Allowing ourselves to bend the expectations we place upon ourselves.  Accepting where we are at today and allowing space and time for growth.


  1. great post!

  2. I discovered your blog today. I like the post about the falling tree – the kind I usually am. Your post about stretching reminds me of this Yoga Garden video that you might enjoy:

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