Posted by: yogadiana | February 1, 2011

Meditation Helps Your Brain


In today’s busy world we are constantly rushing to different appointments and meetings.  Without our blackberries, iphones and other devices it would be difficult to keep up with remembering all the appointments we have to keep up with.  We are becoming more forgetful and blaming it on crazy schedules, late nights, even alcohol.  But maybe it is that we do not give our minds and our bodies the time in mindful meditation. “A new study by Massachusetts General Hospital shows that the brain literally changes its structure after just 8 weeks of mindfulness meditation—including an increase in grey matter in the part of the brain associated with learning.”  That means increase in learning, memory and in structures associated with self awareness, compassion and introspecting.  Reductions in stress were also noted by participants. Over the past several years there have been many discoveries including this study showing that meditation helps the brain process information more efficiently.  So although we may feel as though we cannot add anything else to our already packed schedules, a simple 10-minute mindful mediation exercise (one suggested below) can have a significant impact on our health.


  1. I agree! Meditation helps brain. Yoga is a meditation, it makes you relax.

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